If you speak or understand  Luganda (One Of Uganda's many languages), the word 'Senyiga' which means 'flu, a cold, or influenza', then you know it would be almost impossible to pronounce the word articulately if you actually had a cold, the result would be 'Sejjiga' a pronunciation caused by nasal congestion, and it usually calls for a few jokes.

In this Mwooyo & Jazz blend, Kirya sings about a night so perfect, a morning of confusion, and a burning longing that needs to be tamed.

''Sejjiga'' was first performed live at The Peace One day event by Maurice Kirya.

Kirya was first inspired to write the song in 2010, but only got to write the song during the 2020 Covid Pandemic, ''for years the idea of the song hovered over my head, and it just was never ready to be written, but it has always been with me as has been the case with some of my other songs in the past such as ''Mulembe Gwa Kirya'' says Kirya.

The song that blends his classic Mwooyo genre with jazz is set to be a landmark of a new stage in Maurice Kirya's creation, a sound that he believes all his last albums have been leading up to.

The song was written, composed, produced and arranged  by Maurice Kirya, recorded in The Netherlands, at Didam studios, with sound engineer and recordist Rick Dorsthorst, Simone Cesarini on guitar, Willem Van De Krabben on drums and percussions, Julian Bohn on Piano & Hammond, Xander on bass.

'SEJJIGA' is the second released Single off his upcoming highly anticipated sixth album ''THE ROAD TO KIRYA'' that drops MAY 6'TH 2022

 The Song is now available on all online streaming Platforms.

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