After a long wait, fans  all over the world are celebrating Maurice Kirya's album release for 'THE ROAD TO KIRYA', with social media comments flooding into his social media accounts, you can see how much anticipation has been lurking in the dark, from new fans, old fans, industry names, to media houses, it is clear that this has been long overdue.

The album which features twelve songs was recorded Both in The Netherlands & Uganda, worked on by some of the best musicians in the world.

The album is available only online at the moment, it features a blend of 'MWOOYO' A genre popularized by Kirya in 2008, and jazz, Neo-soul, Folk and Afro beat.

The album features his recent hits ''Entebbe'' & ''Sejjiga''

Kirya is also gearing up for a wild exclusive Album show and Party that is slated for June 10'th. Tickets have already gone up for sale.

Album is now available on all streaming platforms, written, produced and arranged by Maurice Kirya, with the help of amazing Musicians and Engineers such as Rick te Dorsthorst, Willem Van De Krabben, Jens Drijer, Julian Bohn, Simone Cesarini, Coen Witeween, Samuel Bisaso ,Wies Knippin, Matheus Nololasuwsky 
Mitchell Damen, Ernest Otim, Fidel Mambo, Jules Fransen, Daniel Mwesigwa, Jordan Bridges,Myko Ouma, JJ Buguma, Nicholas Mayanja, Fré and so many more.

'The Road To Kirya' Album Cover


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