Maurice Kirya's releases ''ENTEBBE'' The First Single off his upcoming album.

In Uganda, Entebbe would mean one of these three things, The Airport, The Town, or a chair, and by a chair, that could also metaphorically mean throne or a position of power.

''Entebbe'' was first performed live at The Peace One day event by Maurice Kirya, which made the Performance an instant  trend on instagram with many international celebrities and socialites endorsing it.

Kirya is famously know for writing songs that carry double meanings, and to some extent even triple meanings serving the satisfaction of listeners that enjoy the mind trickery of wordplay, poetry, melody, and musical artistry.

The song which blends The Mwooyo genre with Jazz & Funk, was recorded and produced in the Netherlands, produced by Maurice Kirya with the help of incredible Dutch musicians and sound engineers.

The Song is the first released Single off his upcoming highly anticipated sixth album ''THE ROAD TO KIRYA''

Entebbe carries a positive vibe, with an intense irresistible groove, cluster guitar chords played by Italian guitarist Simone Cesarini that leave space for the bass played by Jens dreijer to groove as you hear the signature vocal arrangements  and horns from songs like ''Busaabala'' can be heard through out the choruses of the song.

 The Song is now available on all online streaming Platforms.

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