Maurice Kirya is a singer, actor and humanitarian from Uganda, based in The Netherlands.

Kirya has performed in over 35 Countries, delivering a jazzy, soulful, electric sound that he blends with a folky Ugandan style called Mwooyo.

Kirya has acted in Hollywood movies such as Disney's ‘’The Queen Of Katwe’ starring Lupita Nyong’o & David Oyelowo, where he plays the role of ''Theo'' The movie's antagonist.

He plays one of the lead roles in ‘The Girl In The Yellow Jumper’ (NETFLIX) also plays himself in ‘The Last King Of Scotland’, starring Forest Whitaker & Kerry Washington.

As a youth & health activist who has engaged the youth for over a decade, Maurice also uses his platform to collaborate with UNHCR to protect the lives and rights of refugees.

Due to his passion for wildlife conservation, Kirya was named as a WILD AID ambassador alongside powerful names such as actor Jackie Chan, Tony Jaa & Li Bing Bing.

Maurice Kirya is also the CEO/Founder ‘The Sound Cup Coffee’, a fairly traded coffee brand based in both The Netherlands & Uganda.